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Englischsprachige Verlage -- Oni Press
Hier finden Sie alle Serien, die für den Verlag 'Oni Press' im Bestand sind. Klicken Sie auf die Serie, um alle Einzeltitel anzuzeigen.

12 Reasons why I love her: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Paperback)

Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, The (Paperback) Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventure (2000)
Altered History of Willow Sparks, The (Paperback) Angel City (2016-2017)
Angel City: Town without Pity (Paperback) Another Castle (2016)
Another Castle (Paperback) Another Castle: Nr. 1 - $1 Issue (2017)
Apocalipstix, The (2008) Archer Coe (Paperback)
Archival Quality (Paperback) Atomic Blonde: The Coldest City (Paperback)
Atomic Blonde: The Coldest Winter (Paperback) Atomic City Tales
Auteur, The (2014) Auteur, The (Paperback)
Auteur, The: Sister Bambi (2015) Avalon Chronicles, The (Paperback)

Backtrack (2020-2021) Backtrack (Paperback)
Bad Machinery (Paperback) Bad Machinery - Pocket Edition (Paperback)
Bad Medicine (2012) Bad Medicine (Paperback)
Ballad of Sang, The (2018) Banana Sunday (2005-2006)
Black Metal (Digest) Black Metal: Omnibvs (Paperback)
Blair Witch Chronicles, The (2000) Blood Feud (2015-2016)
Blood Feud (Paperback) Blue Monday - Vol. 2: Absolute Beginners (2001)
Blue Monday - Vol. 7: Painted Moon (2004) Borrowed Time (2006)
Breakfast After Noon (2000-2001) Brides of Helheim (2014-2015)
Brik (2016) Brik (Paperback)
Bunker, The (2014-2016) Bunker, The (Paperback)
Bunker, The - Square One Edition (Paperback)

Capote in Kansas (Hardcover) Closer (Paperback)
Coffin, The (2000-2001) Coldest Winter, The (Hardcover)
Courtney Crumrin & the Night Things (2002) Courtney Crumrin (2012-2013)
Courtney Crumrin (Hardcover) Courtney Crumrin (Paperback)
Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics (2002-2003) Crogan Adventures, The (Paperback)
Crumrin Chronicles, The (Paperback)

Damned, The (Paperback) Damned, The - Vol. 3 (2017-2018)
Dead of Winter (2017) Dead of Winter (Paperback)
Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom (Paperback) Diesel Sweeties: Bacon is a Vegetable, Coffee is a Vitamin (Paperback)
Diesel Sweeties: I´m a Rocker. I Rock out. (Paperback) Diesel Sweeties: There is a Cat on the Internet (Paperback)
Down Set Fight! (Paperback) Dryad (2020-2021)

Elk´s Run: 10th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover) Emiline: Knight in Training (Hardcover)
Exodus: The Life after (2015-2016)

F-Stop (Paperback) Fights (Paperback)
Free Comic Book Day und andere Gratis Comic

Ghost Project (2010-2011) Glitter Kiss (Paperback)
Graveyard Quest (Paperback) Gray Horses (2006)
gudetama: mindfulness of the lazy (Hardcover) Guerillas (Paperback)
Gunwitch, The: Outskirts of Doom (2001-2002)

Heart Throb (2016) Heart Throb (Paperback)
Heart Throb - Season 2 (2017) Heart Throb Nr. 1: $1 Issue (2017)
Helheim (2013) Helheim (Paperback)
Helheim: The Witch War Nr. 1: $1 Issue (2017) Hellbreak (2015)
Hellbreak (Paperback) Hopeless Savages: Break (Paperback)
Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero (2002)

I was the Cat (Hardcover) Invader Zim (ab 2015)
Invader Zim (Oversized HC) Invader Zim (Paperback)
Invader Zim - Best of Creatures (2021) Invader Zim - Best of Gir (2021)
Invader Zim - Quarterly (2020) Invader Zim - Quarterly - Zims Greatest Plan (2021)
Invader Zim Quarterly - Holiday Spezial (2020) It Girl (2002)

Jason and the Argobots (2002) Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth (2016-2017)
Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth (Paperback) Jenny Finn (1999)
Jetcat Clubhouse (2001) Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters (ab 2021)
Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters (Paperback) Junior Braves of the Apocalypse (Paperback)

Kaijumax (2015) Kaijumax (Paperback)
Kaijumax - Nr. 1: $1 Issue (2017) Kaijumax - Season 2 (2016)
Kaijumax - Season 2 (Paperback) Kaijumax - Season 3 (2017-2018)
Kaijumax - Season 3: King of the Monstas (Paperback) Kaijumax - Season 4 (2018-2019)
Kaijumax - Season 4: Scaly is the new Black (Paperback) Kaijumax - Season 5 (2019-2021)
Kaijumax - Season 5: The Orange Mile (Paperback) Kaijumax - Season 6 (ab 2021)
Killer Princesses (2001-2003) Kim Reaper (2017)
Kim Reaper (Paperback) Kim Reaper: Vampire Island (2018)
Kriss: The Gift of Wrath (Paperback)

Last Call (Paperback) Leading Man (2006-2007)
Letter 44 (2013-2017) Letter 44 (Paperback)
Letter 44 - Nr.1: $1 Issue (2017) Life After, The (2014-2015)
Life After, The (Paperback) Life After, The - Nr. 1: $1 Issue (2017)
Lion of Rora, The (Paperback) Little Star (2005)
Little Star (Paperback) Local (2005-2008)
Long Con (ab 2018) Love as a Foreign Language (ab 2005)
Love as a Foreign Language Omnibus (Paperback) Love the way you love (2006-2008)
Love the way you love (Paperback)

Made Men (2017-2018) Made Men: Getting the Gang Back Together (Paperback)
Madman (Paperback) Magic Pickle (2001)
Maintenance (2006-2008) Maintenance (Paperback)
Megagogo (Paperback) Merry Men (ab 2016)
Meteor Men (Paperback) Midnight Mover (2003)
Mighty Zodiac, The (2016) Mighty Zodiac, The (Paperback)
Mighty Zodiac, The: Nr. 1 - $1 Issue (2017) Mike Norton´s The Curse (Paperback)
Mondo Urbano (2010) Morning in America (2019)
Morning in America (Paperback) Motro (2016-2017)
Motro (Paperback) Mutant, Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red (2002) Mutant, Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red
My Boyfriend is a Bear (Paperback) My inner Bimbo (2006-2008)
Mysterious Strangers, The (2013) Mysterious Strangers, The (Paperback)

Night´s Dominion (2016-2017) Night´s Dominion (Paperback)
Night´s Dominion - Season 2 (2017) Nocturnals: The Dark Forever (2001)
North World (Paperback) North World - other Sagas (Paperback)

Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad (Paperback) Oddville (2002)
Oh Joy Sex Toy (Paperback) One Plus One (2002-2003)
Oni Press Color Special (2000-2002) Only the End of the World Again (2000)
Orcs in Space (ab 2021) Orcs in Space (Paperback)
Oyster War (Oversized HC)

Part Time Princess (Paperback) Penny Arcade (2005-2013)
Polly & the Pirates (2005-2006) Possessions (Paperback)
Pounded (2002) Princess Ugg (2014-2015)
Princess Ugg (Paperback)

Queen & Country (2001-2004) Queen & Country - The Definite Edition (Paperback)

Redline (2017) Redline (Paperback)
Resurrection - Vol. 1 (2007-2008) Resurrection - Vol. 1 (Paperback)
Resurrection - Vol. 1 Annual (2008) Resurrection - Vol. 2 (2009-2010)
Resurrection: Deluxe Edition (Paperback) Return of Alison Dare, The: Little Miss Adventure (2001)
Rick & Morty (2015-2020) Rick & Morty (Paperback)
Rick & Morty Presents (Paperback) Rick & Morty presents: Jerry (2019)
Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons - Deluxe Edition (Hardcover) Rick & Morty: Ever After (2020-2021)
Rick & Morty: Ever After (Paperback) Rick & Morty: Mr. Nimbus (ab 2021)
Rick & Morty: Rick´s New Hat (ab 2021) Rick & Morty: Rick´s New Hat (Paperback)
Rick and Morty Deluxe Edition (Oversized HC) Rick and Morty go to Hell (2020)
Rick and Morty go to Hell (Paperback) Rick and Morty presents: Death Stalkers (2021)
Rick and Morty presents: Jaguar (2020) Rick and Morty presents: Jerryboree (2021)
Rick and Morty presents: Sleepy Gary (2018) Rick and Morty presents: The Vindicators (2018)
Rick and Morty presents: Unity (2019) Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons II: Painscape (2019-2020)
Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart (2021) Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart (Paperback)
Roadtrip (2000) Rogue Planet (2020)

Salt Water Taffy (Paperback) Scandalous (2006)
Scooter Girl (2003-2004) Scott Pilgrim (Paperback)
Scott Pilgrim - Color Edition (Hardcover) Scott Pilgrim - Color Edition (Paperback)
Secret History of D.B. Cooper (2012) Shadow Roads (2018-2020)
Shadow Roads (Paperback) Sharknife (Paperback)
Short Order Crooks (Paperback) Sixth Gun Deluxe, The (Oversized HC)
Sixth Gun Nr. 1: $1 Issue (2017) Sixth Gun, The (2010-2016)
Sixth Gun, The (Paperback) Sixth Gun, The - Square One Edition (Paperback)
Sixth Gun, The: Days of the Dead (2014-2015) Sixth Gun, The: Days of the Dead (Paperback)
Sixth Gun, The: Dust to Death (Paperback) Sixth Gun, The: Dust to Dust (2015)
Sixth Gun, The: Gunslinger Edition (Oversized HC) Sixth Gun, The: Sons of the Gun (2012-2013)
Sixth Gun, The: Sons of the Gun (Paperback) Sixth Gun, The: Valley of the Death (2015)
Skinwalker (2002) Small Favors: The Definitive Girly Porno Collection (Hardcover)
Soulwind (Hardcover) Space Battle Lunchtime (2016-2017)
Space Battle Lunchtime (Paperback) Space Battle Lunchtime: Nr. 1 - $1 Issue (2017)
Spaceman (2002) Spontaneus (2011)
Stephen Colbert´s Tek Jansen (2007-2009) Stringers (2015)
Stringers (Paperback) Stumptown (Paperback)
Stumptown (Oversized HC) Stumptown - Square One Edition (Paperback)
Stumptown - Vol. 1 (2009-2010) Stumptown - Vol. 2: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet (2012-2013)
Stumptown - Vol. 3 (2014-2016) Super Pro K.O.!: Gold for Glory (Paperback)

Terrible Lizard (2014-2015) Time Share (Paperback)
Twelve reasons why I love her (2006)

Uncle Slam Fights Back (2008)

Vain, The (2020-2021)

Wars in Toyland (Hardcover) Wasteland (2006-2015)
Wasteland (Paperback) Wasteland - The Apocalyptic Edition (Oversized HC)
Wasteland Compendium (Paperback) Wet Moon (Paperback)
Wet Moon - New Edition (Paperback) Whiteout (1998)
Whiteout Compendium (Paperback) Whiteout: Melt (1999-2000)
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(nur innerhalb Deutschlands)
Ninjak - Vol. 4 (ab 2021)
Band 1
Grimm Fairy Tales - Vol. 2 (ab 2016)
Band 50
Boys, The Nr. 1 - Dynamite Edition (2021)
Band 1
DIE!namite Lives (ab 2021)
Band 2
Maria Llovet´s Eros/Psyche (2021)
Band 5: (von 5)
Justice League: Last Ride (ab 2021)
Band 3: (von 7)
Spider-Man: Spider´s Shadow (ab 2021)
Band 4: (von 5)
Dejah Thoris Versus John Carter of Mars (ab 2021)
Band 1
Orcs! (2021)
Band 6: (von 6)
Radiant Black (ab 2021)
Band 6
Alle laufenden Comicserien deutscher oder amerikanischer Verlage konnen abonniert oder vorbestellt werden.
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Action Comics - Vol. 1 Annual (1987-2021)
Band 2021
Shazam! - Vol. 5 (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 4)
Walking Dead, The - Deluxe (ab 2020)
Band 19
Thor - Vol. 6 (ab 2020)
Band 15
Sinister War (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 4)
Jupiter´s Legacy: Requiem (ab 2021)
Band 2: (von 12)
Vengeance of Vampirella - Vol. 2 (ab 2019)
Band 20
Future State: Suicide Squad (Paperback)
Band 1
Vampirella vs. Purgatori (2021)
Band 5: (von 5)
Legends of the Dark Knight (ab 2021)
Band 3

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