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Englischsprachige Verlage -- Fantagraphics Books
Hier finden Sie alle Serien, die für den Verlag 'Fantagraphics Books' im Bestand sind. Klicken Sie auf die Serie, um alle Einzeltitel anzuzeigen.

3 New Stories (2013) 3D Sweeties (Hardcover)

A Cockeyed Menagerie: The Drawings of T.S. Sullivant (Hardcover) A Couple of Winos (1991)
A Slight Case of Murder and Other Stories (Hardcover) Accidents and Old Lace (Hardcover)
Aces High and other Stories illustrated by George Evans (Hardcover) Alienation (Paperback)
All Time Comics: Atlas (2017) All Time Comics: Blind Justice (2017-2018)
Almost Silent (Paperback) Angry Youth Comix (2000-2008)
Anything Goes! (1986-1987) Art & Beauty (2016)
Athos in America (Hardcover) Atom Bomb and Other Stories (Hardcover)

Baobab Bardin the Superrealist (Hardcover)
Black Hole (1995-2004) Blecky Yuckerella
Bleeding Heart (1991-1993) Blubber (ab 2015)
Bomb Run and other Stories illustrated by John Severin (Hardcover) Bosnian Flat Dog (2006)
Bradleys, The (1999-2000) Bradleys, The (Paperback)
BTTM FDRS (Hardcover) Buddy buys a Dump (2014)
Buddy does Jersey (Paperback) Buddy does Seattle (Paperback)

CapTain Jack (1986) Castle Waiting - Vol. 2 (2006-2012)
Castle Waiting - Vol. 2 (Hardcover) Chewing Gum in Church (2006)
Child of Tomorrow and other Stories illustrated by Al Feldstein (Hardover) Clouds Above, The (2005)
Cloven, The (Oversized HC) Comics are for Idiots! (2009)
Comics Journal, The (ab 1987) Complete Crepax, The (Oversized HC)
Complete Crumb Comics, The (Album) Complete Hate, The (Hardcover)
Complete Peanuts (Paperback) Complete Peanuts Box Set (Paperback)
Complete Works of Fante Bukowski, The (Hardcover) Corpse on the Imjin! (Hardcover)
Cowboy (Hardcover) Crashpad (Oversized HC)
Crickets (ab 2006) Critters (1986-1990)
Cruisin´with the Hound (Paperback) Crumb Sketchbook (Paperback)
Cryptoid (Hardcover)

Dalgoda (1984-1986) Day the Rats Vetoed Congress, The (Hardcover)
Deadpan (2002-2005) Death Stand and Other Stories (Hardcover)
Disney Masters (Hardcover) Disney Masters Collector´s Box Set (Hardcover)
Disney Masters Gift Box Set (Hardcover) Disneys Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson (Hardcover)
Doll (Paperback) Don Rosa Library (Oversized HC)
Donald Duck by Carl Barks (ab 2011) Dungeon Quest (Paperback)

Eightball (Paperback) Eightball: Pussey (Paperback)
Exotic Fantasy (1993)

Fifth Name, The (Paperback) Fission Chicken (1990)
Flapper Queens, The: Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age (Hardcover) Forty Whacks and other Stories by Jack Kamen (Hardcover)
Free Comic Book Day und andere Gratis Comic Free S**T (Hardcover)
Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville (2006)

Ganges (ab 2008) George Herriman Library (Oversized HC)
Ghostwriter (Hardcover) Glamour Girls of Bill Ward (2007)
Good Girls (1987) Grande Odalisque, The (Hardcover)
Grave Buisiness and other Stories illustrated by Graham Ingels (Hardcover) Grenuord (2005-2006)

Hate (1990-1998) Hate Annual (ab 2001)
Hate Collection (Hardcover) Hip Hop Family Tree (2015-2016)
Hip Hop Family Tree (Paperback) Hoax (2005-2006)
How I tried to be a good Person (Hardcover) Hypnotwist / Scarlet by Starlight (Hardcover)

I Am Not Okay With This (Paperback) I Love Led Zeppelin (2006)
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (Hardcover) I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag 11B (Hardcover)
Idiotland (1993-1994) If You Steal (Hardcover)
Insomnia (1994) Is This How You See Me? (Oversized HC)

Jason Conquers America (2011) Jim (1993-1996)
Joe Frank: Ascent (Paperback) Journey (1983-1986)
Judment day and other Stories illustrated by Joe Orlando (Hardcover) Junior and "Friends" (2000-2001)

King Kong (1991-1992) Krazy & Ignatz

Last lonely Saturday, The Left Bank Gang, The (2006)
Life and Legend of Wallace Wood, The (Oversized HC) Life with Dealer McDope, The Leather Nun, and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (Hardcover)
Like a Velvet Glove - Cast in Iron (Paperback) Living and the Dead, The (2007)
Love and Rockets (Paperback) Love and Rockets - New Edition (Paperback)
Love and Rockets - Vol. 1 (1982-1996) Love and Rockets - Vol. 2 (2001-2007)
Love and Rockets - Vol. 3: New Stories (2008-2016) Love and Rockets - Vol. 4 (ab 2016)
Low Moon (Hardcover) Luba (1998-2004)

Man and Superman and Other Stories (Hardcover) Maria M. (Hardcover)
Martian Monster and Other Stories, The (Hardcover) Meatcake (1993-2008)
Mechanics (1985) Mickey Mouse: The Greatest Adventures (Oversized HC)
Minimum Wage - Vol. 2 (1995-1999) Mome (2005-2010)
Monsters (Hardcover)

Nau, Headhunter (1993) Naughty Bits (1991-2004)
New Love (1996-1997) New Tales of old Palomar (2006-2007)
Niger Night Fisher (Paperback)
Ninety-Nine Girls (1991) Nobody Likes You, Greta Grump (Paperback)
Now: The New Comics Antholigy (Paperback) Nuft and the Last Dragons (Paperback)

O Josephine! (Hardcover) On the Camino (Hardcover)

Party, The (Paperback) Passionella and other stories (2006)
Peepers (Hardcover) Penny Century (1997-2000)
Perramus (Oversized HC) Please Don´t Step On My JNCO Jeans (Paperback)
Popeye Complete Edition (2007-2008) Prison Pit (Paperback)
Prison Pit: The Complete Collection (Hardcover) Psychodrama Illustrated (ab 2020)
Pulp Dreams (1991)

Real Great Adventures of Terr´ble Thompson!, The (2007) Real Stuff (1990-1994)
Red Rock Baby Candy (Hardcover) Red Ultramarine (Hardcover)
Reflections Runaway Comics (2006)

Safe Area Gorazde - The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95 (Paperback) Sandman Papers, The (Paperback)
Sandman: Hanging out with the Dream King (2006) Secret History of Marvel Comics (Harcover)
Sexytime (Hardcover) Shadowland (2006)
Spawn of Mars and other Stories illustrated by Wallace Wood (Hardcover) Steve Ditko Archives, The (Hardcover)
Steve Ditko Archives, The (Paperback) Sucker Bait and other Stories illustrated by Graham Ingels (Hardover)
Supermen: The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941 (Paperback) Sweatshop (Paperback)

Take a Joke (Paperback) Tales Designed to Thrizzle (ab 2005)
Tales Designed to Thrizzle (Paperback) Teaser and the Blacksmith (1989)
Terror Train and Other Stories (Hardcover) Thing from the Grave and other Stories, The (Hardcover)
Thud, The (Paperback) Tongues (ab 2018)
Tonta (Oversized HC) Top Hats & Flappers: The Art of Russel Patterson (2006)
Toybox Americana (Hardcover) Troublemaker, The (Hardcover)

Unsupervised Existence (1989-1992) Usagi Yojimbo (Paperback)

Wallace Wood presents Shattuck (Oversized HC) Walt Disney´s Donald Duck - Gift Box Set (Hardcover)
Walt Disney´s Donald Duck: Under the Polar Ice (Hardcover) Walt Disney´s Mickey Mouse - Box Set (Landscape HC)
Walt Disney´s Uncle Scrooge: Island in the Sky (Hardcover) Wandering Stars (1987)
Way Out Strips (1995) Whotnot (1993-1994)
WildB.R.A.T.S (1992) Woman Who Loved Life and Other Stories, The (Hardcover)

Young Romance (Hardcover)

Zanardi (Oversized HC) Zero Hour and other Stories illustrated by Jack Kamen (Hardover)
Zippy (Paperback) Zoot! (1992-1994)
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Eternals - Vol. 5 (ab 2020)
Band 1
King in Black: Thunderbolts (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 3)
Batman and Robin - Vol. 2 (Hardcover)
Band 4: Requiem for Damian
King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 4)
Savage Sword of Conan: The Original Marvel Years - Omnibus: Variant Cover (Oversized HC)
Band 4
Action Comics - Vol. 1 (Superman in Action Comics / ab 1938)
Band 1028
House of El - Graphic Novel (Paperback)
Band 1: (von 3) The Shadow Threat
Knights of the Golden Sun (ab 2018)
Band 9
Arana: Here Comes the Spider-Girl - Graphic Novel (Paperback)
Future State: Harley Quinn (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 2)
Alle laufenden Comicserien deutscher oder amerikanischer Verlage konnen abonniert oder vorbestellt werden.
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Bloodshot - Vol. 4 (ab 2019)
Band 10
Comics Revue Presents (Magazin)
Mandrake the Magician
Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons (ab 2020)
Band 3: (von 4)
Last God, The (ab 2019)
Band 11: (von 12)
Future State: The Next Batman (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 4)
Immortal Hulk (ab 2018)
Band 42
Cimmerian, The: The Frost-Giant´s Daughter (ab 2020)
Band 2
Future State: Superman of Metropolis (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 2)
True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, The: National Anthem (ab 2020)
Band 4: (von 6)
King in Black: Gwenom vs. Carnage (ab 2021)
Band 1: (von 3)

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