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Verlage -- Fantagraphics Books
Hier finden Sie alle Serien, die für den Verlag 'Fantagraphics Books' im Bestand sind. Klicken Sie auf die Serie, um alle Einzeltitel anzuzeigen.

3 New Stories (2013) 3D Sweeties (Hardcover)

A Couple of Winos (1991) A Slight Case of Murder and Other Stories (Hardcover)
Accidents and Old Lace (Hardcover) Aces High and other Stories illustrated by George Evans (Hardcover)
Afternoon at McBurger´s (Hardcover) Agency, The (Hardcover)
Alberto Breccia´s Dracula (Hardcover) Album Cover Art of Sun Ra´s Saturn Label, The (Oversized HC)
All Time Comics: Atlas (2017) All Time Comics: Blind Justice (2017-2018)
All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer (2017) Another History of Art (Hardcover)
Art & Beauty (2016) Art Of War - Version 2 (Hardcover)
Artichoke Tales (Paperback) As A Cartoonist (Hardcover)
Athos in America (Hardcover) Atom Bomb and Other Stories (Hardcover)

Baobab Bardin the Superrealist (Hardcover)
Barely Human (Paperback) Beatnik Buenos Aires (Paperback)
Below Ambition (Paperback) Beta Testing The Ongoing Apocalypse (Hardcover)
Blecky Yuckerella Bleeding Heart (1991-1993)
Blubber (ab 2015) Blubber (Hardcover)
Bomb Run and other Stories illustrated by John Severin (Hardcover) Boris the Potato Child (Hardcover)
Bosnian Flat Dog (2006) Bradleys, The (1999-2000)
Bradleys, The (Paperback) Brothers and Mothers (Hardcover)
BTTM FDRS (Hardcover) Buddy buys a Dump (Paperback)
Buddy does Jersey (Paperback) Buddy does Seattle (Paperback)
Butchery, The (Hardcover)

CapTain Jack (1986) Caricature (Paperback)
Castle Waiting - Vol. 2 (2006-2012) Castle Waiting - Vol. 2 (Hardcover)
Celestia (Oversized HC) Chartwell Manor (Paperback)
Chewing Gum in Church (2006) Child of Tomorrow and other Stories illustrated by Al Feldstein (Hardover)
Children Of Palomar & Other Tales (Paperback) Chuckling Whatsit (Hardcover)
Clitoris, The (Paperback) Cloven, The (Oversized HC)
Code of Honor and Other Stories (Hardcover) Comics are for Idiots! (2009)
Comics Journal, The (ab 1987) Comics Journal, The - Yearbook: Best of 2022 (2023)
Complete Crepax, The (Oversized HC) Complete Crumb Comics, The (Album)
Complete Eightball, The (Paperback) Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The (Hardcover)
Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The - Deluxe Edition (Oversized HC) Complete Peanuts (Paperback)
Complete Peanuts Box Set (Paperback) Complete Works of Fante Bukowski, The (Hardcover)
Complete Works of Fante Bukowski, The (Paperback) Compulsive Comics (Paperback)
Coping Skills (Hardcover) Corona Bible (Paperback)
Corpse on the Imjin! (Hardcover) Cowboy (Hardcover)
Cracking (Paperback) Crashpad (2021)
Crashpad (Oversized HC) Crisis Zone (Paperback)
Critters (1986-1990) Cruisin´with the Hound (Paperback)
Crumb´s World (Hardcover) Cryptoid (Hardcover)

Dalgoda (1984-1986) Darkwing Duck - The Disney Afternoon Adventures (Hardcover)
Deadly Beloved and Other Stories (Hardcover) Deadpan (2002-2005)
Delia (Paperback) Detention Nr. 2 (2022)
Dick Tracy: Colorful Cases of the 1930s (Hardcover) Disciples (Hardcover)
Disney Masters (Hardcover) Disney Masters Collector´s Box Set (Hardcover)
Disney Masters Gift Box Set (Hardcover) Disneys Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson (Hardcover)
Dog Biscuits (Hardcover) Don Rosa Library (Oversized HC)
Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge: World of the Dragonlords (Hardcover) Doris Danger: Giant Monsters Amok (Paperback)
Dungeon Quest (Paperback)

Eartha (Hardcover) Eightball (Paperback)
Eightball: Pussey (Paperback) Ephemera (Hardcover)

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The: Grass Roots and Other Follies (Hardcover) Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The: In the 21st Century and Other Follies (Hardcover)
Fang, The (Paperback) Farewell, Brindavoine (Oversized HC)
Fifth Name, The (Paperback) Fission Chicken (1990)
Forest, The (Hardcover) Forty Whacks and other Stories by Jack Kamen (Hardcover)
Francis Rothbart! The Tale of a Fastidious Feral (Oversized HC) Frank Book, The (Paperback)
Freaks (1992) Free Comic Book Day 2023
Free S**T (Hardcover) From Granada to Cordova (Paperback)
Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville (2006)

Ganges (ab 2008) George Herriman Library (Oversized HC)
Ghostwriter (Hardcover) Glamour Girls of Bill Ward (2007)
Godhead 2 (Paperback) Golden Boy: Beethoven´s Youth (Hardcover)
Good Girls (1987) Good Night, Hem (Hardcover)
Grande Odalisque, The & Olympia - Box Set (Oversized HC) Grave Business and other Stories illustrated by Graham Ingels (Hardcover)
Grenuord (2005-2006)

Halcyon (Oversized HC) Hand of Black (Paperback)
Hate (1990-1998) Hate Collection (Hardcover)
Headland (Paperback) Heavy Bright, The (Hardcover)
Hip Hop Family Tree (Paperback) Hoax (2005-2006)
Home to Stay! - The Complete Ray Bradbury EC Stories (Oversized HC) How I tried to be a good Person (Hardcover)
How To Make A Monster (Paperback) Hypnotwist / Scarlet by Starlight (Hardcover)

I Am Not Okay With This (Paperback) I Love Led Zeppelin (2006)
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (Hardcover) I, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag 11B (Hardcover)
Idiotland (1993-1994) If You Steal (Hardcover)
Illustrating Spain in the US (Hardcover) In His Time: The Early Stories of Ernest Hemingway (Paperback)
In Pictopia (2021) Insomnia (1994)
Invisible Wounds: Graphic Journalism (Hardcover) Is This How You See Me? (Oversized HC)
It´s Not What You Thought It Would Be (Hardcover)

James Warren Empire Of Monsters (Paperback) Jason Conquers America (2011)
Jim (1993-1996) Jim (Hardcover)
Joe Frank: Ascent (Paperback) Journey (1983-1986)
Judgment Day and Other Stories Illustrated by Joe Orlando (Hardcover) Junior and "Friends" (2000-2001)

King Kong (1991-1992) Krazy & Ignatz

Last lonely Saturday, The Left Bank Gang, The (2006)
Life and Legend of Wallace Wood, The (Oversized HC) Life of Che (Oversized HC)
Like a Velvet Glove - Cast in Iron (Paperback) Little Joe Harold Gray (Hardcover)
Little Sammy Sneeze Comp Color Sundays 1904 (Hardcover) Living & Dying in America: A Daily Chronicle 2020-2022 (Hardcover)
Love and Rockets (Paperback) Love and Rockets - New Edition (Paperback)
Love and Rockets - Vol. 2 (2001-2007) Love and Rockets - Vol. 3: New Stories (2008-2016)
Love and Rockets - Vol. 4 (ab 2016) Low Moon (Hardcover)
Luba (1998-2004) Luba´s Comics And Stories (2000-2006)
Lure (Hardcover)

Macanudo: Welcome to Elsewhere (Landscape HC) Man in Furs (Hardcover)
Maria M. (Hardcover) Martian Monster and Other Stories, The (Hardcover)
Maverix and Lunatix: Icons of Underground Comix (Hardcover) Mechanics (1985)
Men I Trust (Hardcover) Metropolis (Hardcover)
Mickey Mouse: The Greatest Adventures (Oversized HC) Mickey Mouse: Zombie Coffee (Landscape HC)
Mindviscosity (Hardcover) Minimum Wage - Vol. 2 (1995-1999)
Mome (2005-2010) Monsters - Barry Windsor-Smith (Oversized HC)
Mr. Lightbulb (Paperback) Ms. Davis (Hardcover)
My Badly Drawn Life (Hardcover)

Nau, Headhunter (1993) Naughty Bits (1991-2004)
New Love (1996-1997) New Tales of old Palomar (2006-2007)
Niger Night Fisher (Paperback)
Night Fisher - 15th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover) Night Terror (Hardcover)
Nimrod, The (1998-2003) Nobody Likes You, Greta Grump (Paperback)
Nod Away (Paperback) Now: The New Comics Anthology (Paperback)
Nudism Comes To Connecticut (Paperback) Nuft and the Last Dragons (Paperback)

O Josephine! (Hardcover) Olympia (Oversized HC)
On the Camino (Hardcover) One Beautiful Spring Day (Paperback)
One Eight Hundred Ghosts (Paperback) Only the Good Stay Dead (Landscape HC)
Other Lives (Paperback) Out of my Head: Imaginary Creatures of Josep Baque (Landscape HC)

Party, The (Paperback) Passion of Gengoroh Tagame, The: Master of Gay Erotic Manga (Paperback)
Passionella and other stories (2006) Peepers (Oversized HC)
Penguin Cafe at the Edge of the World, The (2021) Penny Century (1997-2000)
Percy Gloom (Hardcover) Perramus (Oversized HC)
Please Don´t Step On My JNCO Jeans (Paperback) Poison Flowers & Pandemonium (Hardcover)
Popeye (Landscape HC) Porn Basket (Hardcover)
Prison Pit (Paperback) Prison Pit: The Complete Collection (Paperback)
Psychodrama Illustrated (ab 2020)

Queer Visitors From Land Of Oz (Hardcover)

Real Great Adventures of Terr´ble Thompson!, The (2007) Real Stuff (1990-1994)
Red Rock Baby Candy (Hardcover) Red Room - Vol. 1 (2021)
Red Room - Vol. 2: Trigger Warnings (2021-2022) Red Room - Vol. 2: Trigger Warnings (Paperback)
Red Room: The Anti-Social Network (Paperback) Red Ultramarine (Hardcover)
Reddest Rose, The: Romantic Love From The Ancient Greeks To Reality TV (Paperback) Reflections
Runaway Comics (2006)

Safe Area Gorazde - The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95 (Paperback) Sandman Papers, The (Paperback)
Sandman: Hanging out with the Dream King (2006) Schappi (Paperback)
Scoop Scuttle and his Pals (Paperback) Secret History of Marvel Comics (Harcover)
See You at San Diego (Paperback) Sexytime (Hardcover)
Shadowland (2006) Sir Alfred Nr. 3 (2022)
Slash Them All (Hardcover) Spawn of Mars and other Stories illustrated by Wallace Wood (Hardcover)
Squeak the Mouse (Oversized HC) Statics (ab 2022)
Steve Ditko Archives, The (Hardcover) Still Alive (Hardcover)
Stone Fruit (Hardcover) Stripped - an unauthorized autobiography (Paperback)
Sucker Bait and other Stories illustrated by Graham Ingels (Hardover) Sundays With Walt And Skeezix (Hardcover)
Supermen: The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941 (Paperback) Sweatshop (Paperback)

T*ts & Cl*ts 1972-1987 (Hardcover) Take a Joke (Paperback)
Tales Designed to Thrizzle (ab 2005) Tales Designed to Thrizzle (Hardcover)
Tales Designed to Thrizzle (Paperback) Teaser and the Blacksmith (1989)
Temperance (Hardcover) Terror Train and Other Stories (Hardcover)
The End: Revised and Expanded (Hardcover) Thing from the Grave and other Stories, The (Hardcover)
Things We Create (Paperback) Three for the Money and Other Stories (Hardcover)
Through the Heart of it: New York, New York (Landscape HC) Thud, The (Paperback)
Tongues (ab 2018) Tonta (Oversized HC)
Top Hats & Flappers: The Art of Russel Patterson (2006) Tops: The Complete Collection of Charles Biro´s Visionary 1949 Comic Book Sereies (Oversized HC)
Toybox Americana (Hardcover) Treasure of the Black Swan, The (Hardcover)
Trigore Labyrinth (Hardcover) Troublemaker, The (Hardcover)
True Story of the Unknown Soldier, The (Hardcover)

Ultrasound (Hardcover) Unimpressed (Landscape HC)
Unrepentant Artist, The: The Painitngs of Jonah Kinigstein (Oversized HC) Unsupervised Existence (1989-1992)
Unwanted, The (Hardcover) Upside Dawn (Hardcover)
Upside Down World Of Gustave Verbeek (Hardcover) Usagi Yojimbo (Paperback)
Usagi Yojimbo Special Edition (Slipcase Box)

Vivisectionary (Hardcover)

Wake up, Percy Gloom (Hardcover) Wake Up, Sleepyhead! (2021)
Wallace Wood presents Shattuck (Oversized HC) Walt Disney: Mickey & Donald - Doorbell Tolls & Other Tales (Hardcover)
Walt Disney: Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck - Bear Mountain Tales (Hardcover) Walt Disney´s Donald Duck: Donald`s Happiest Adventures (Oversized HC)
Walt Disney´s Donald Duck: Duck Luck (Hardcover) Walt Disney´s Donald Duck: Under the Polar Ice (Hardcover)
Walt Disney´s Silly Symphonies (Landscape HC) Walt Disney´s Uncle Scrooge - Gift Box Set (Hardcover)
Walt Disney´s Uncle Scrooge: The Diamond Jubilee Collection (Oversized HC) Way Out Strips (1995)
Were All Just Fine (Hardcover) Who Will Make the Pancakes: Five Stories (Hardcover)
Whotnot (1993-1994) WildB.R.A.T.S (1992)
Woman Who Loved Life and Other Stories, The (Hardcover)

Young Romance (Hardcover) Young Shadow (Paperback)

Zanardi (Oversized HC) Zero Hour and other Stories illustrated by Jack Kamen (Hardover)
Zippy (Paperback) Zoot! (1992-1994)
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Black Hammer: The Unbelievable Unteens (2023)
Band 1
Abolition of Man, The (ab 2022)
Band 4: (von 5)
Grizzlyshark (2023)
Band 1
Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (ab 2022)
Band 3: (von 6)
Sigurd - Der Ritterliche Held (ab 2015)
Band 291: Onofrio verliert keine Zeit…
Kaya (ab 2022)
Band 1
Fables - Deluxe Edition (ab 2022)
Band 4
Grimm Fairy Tales - Vol. 2 (ab 2016)
Band 68
Zack Magazin (ab 1999)
Band 284: Comic Magazin
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures - Variant Cover B (ab 2022)
Band 4: (von 4)
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Star Wars - Vol. 2 - Comicshop Ausgabe (ab 2015)
Band 90: Obi-Wan / Darth Vader
Walking Dead, The - Deluxe (ab 2020)
Band 55
Anna, Bella & Caramella - Sammelband (ab 2019)
Band 9: Das Schwert der Gerechtigkeit
World Of Betty & Veronica Digest (ab 2018)
Band 22
Biber-Patrouille, Die - Gesamtausgabe (ab 2018)
Band 6: 1978-1983
Lord of the Jungle - Vol. 2: Variant Cover D (ab 2022)
Band 3
Hit Comics (ab 2019)
Band 13
Walking Dead, The - Deluxe: Variant Cover E (ab 2020)
Band 55
Saga der Zwerge, Die (ab 2016)
Band 23: Ararun und der blaue Zorn
Tim Drake: Robin - Variant Cover Z (Limitiert)
Band 5

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