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Deja Ross Speaks to Freaks (Paperback)
Band 1

Serie: Deja Ross Speaks to Freaks (Paperback)
Fomat: Paperback
Zustand: Neu
Autor: Lisa Naffziger
Verlag: IDW
Seiten: 208
Preis: 21,61 €
In den Warenkorb

Who's brave enough to make friends with a monster? Deja discovers the hidden world of America’s mythical creatures in this lovable and exciting graphic novel!Deja Ross is a seventh-grade cryptozoologist. That means she loves monsters… and hopes to someday prove they're real!On a long family road trip, she pulls out her new video camera to search for legendary creatures at every stop. One night, Deja sneaks out of the RV and meets the Texas chupacabra face-to-face! In her excitement to meet an actual cryptid, she charms the beast out of eating her. It turns out that mythological animals are not only real… they can talk. And maybe it’s time for their stories to be heard!Deja and her furry new friend hatch a plan to interview the rest of the cryptid community. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones on the trail… and some other monster-hunters don’t have intentions as pure as Deja’s. Has she led her beloved beasts into a trap?Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Lisa Naffziger (Minus) presents a page-turning adventure that celebrates friendship, curiosity, and the most adorable critters you’ve never seen.
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