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Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek (ab 2024)
Band 1

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Serie: Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek (ab 2024)
Zusatzinfo: Cover RI - 1:10 Andy Price Retailer Incentive Variant Cover
Fomat: Heft
Zustand: 1
Autor: Morgan Hampton / Angel Hernandez / Andy Price
Verlag: IDW
Seiten: 32
Preis: 9,00 €
In den Warenkorb

From the mighty pen of acclaimed Cyborg writer Morgan Hampton comes a new four-part miniseries spinning out of IDW’s Eisner-nominated Star Trek series and fan favorite Star Trek: Defiant series! In the aftermath of Kahless’ harrowing Day of Blood, Jake Sisko struggles to find his place in the universe now that his family has been reunited and his father, Benjamin Sisko, has once again saved the galaxy.Meanwhile, Alexander Rozhenko is recovering mentally and emotionally from his time as one of Kahless’ devout followers. Although his father, Worf, was able to break him away from the Red Path cult, Alexander is haunted by his actions during the bloody coup and is unsure of his ability to atone for the devastation he caused.Jake and Alexander find their stories intertwined as they’re thrust into an alternate universe where they followed their father’s footsteps into Starfleet stardom. As officers aboard the U.S.S. Avery, Jake and Alexander encounter alternate versions of other children of Starfleet legends who show them they all may have a bit more in common than it would seem.

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