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Squish and Squash (ab 2023)
Band 1

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Serie: Squish and Squash (ab 2023)
Zusatzinfo: Cover A by Mike Hartigan
Fomat: Heft
Zustand: Neu
Autor: Niall O'Rourke / Mike Hartigan
Verlag: Keenspot Entertainment
Seiten: 32
Preis: 6,48 €
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Squish and Squash are two young cadets trying to make it into the Intergalactic Search and Rescue Squad. In order to become rescuers, they must pass the difficult "Save the Gimblemans" simulation test. It's not going to be easy, especially with tough Captain Twomey breathing down their necks. Breaking the rules and saving the crew from a burning galactic cruise ship lands our two cadets in trouble. The duo are given one last chance to pass the test or be thrown out of the academy for good. Our adventurous heroes must find new and imaginative ways to earn their patch and become bona fide rescuers! Squish & Squash is a cartoony sci-fi adventure story about friendship and courage, perfect for readers of all ages!

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Squish and Squash (ab 2023)
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6,48 €
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