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Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures (ab 2023)
Band 1

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Serie: Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures (ab 2023)
Zusatzinfo: Cover RI - 1:10 Tim Levins Retailer Incentive Variant Cover
Fomat: Heft
Zustand: 1
Autor: David M. Booher / George Kambadais / Tim Levins
Verlag: IDW
Seiten: 32

Long before the world turned upside down and new generations discovered D&D, six kids boarded a magical roller coaster and were transported to the Forgotten Realms!

Noble ranger Hank, intrepid acrobat Diana, quiet thief Sheila, impulsive barbarian Bobby, fearful cavalier Eric, and uncertain magician Presto only want to get back to their own world. But escaping the Realms has turned out to be much harder than getting there! Danger lurks at every turn, the enigmatic Dungeon Master is less than helpful, and Venger, the force of evil, will stop at nothing to get his hands on the magical weapons the kids have come to rely on. To top it off, Hank has made a startling discovery: Despite the dangers, Sheila, Bobby, Diana, and the others aren’t so sure they want to go home after all!

Bard David M. Booher (Canto) and Sam Maggs (Rick and Morty Ever After) joins artificer George Kambadais (John Carter of Mars) for a thrilling “lost episode” that charts new territory in the world of D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons aired on CBS in 1983 and ran for three seasons, with 27 episodes, but premature cancellation meant crucial scripts went unproduced. And yet it still made an indelible impression on its audience, and legions of D&D players recall it fondly to this day.

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