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Snowcat Prince, The (Paperback)
Band 1

Serie: Snowcat Prince, The (Paperback)
Zusatzinfo: Komplettstory
Fomat: Paperback
Zustand: Neu
Autor: Dina Norlund
Verlag: Oni Press
Seiten: 176
Preis: 15,78 €
In den Warenkorb

Syv is a snowcat and the youngest in a family of princes. When his father dies, Syv and his brothers are all in line for the throne. Eager to become kings themselves and wary of how well-liked Syv has become by the citizens, Syv’s brothers send him on a dangerous quest to find the long-lost magical crown that once belonged to their royal ancestor, the Eldking. Legend says that the snowcat who finds the crown will break the curse on their land and bring great honor to the family. But failure could mark Syv with three black stripes, and he’d be banished forever. Along his journey, Syv will face dangerous beasts, dark powers, and the ever-lurking sandfoxes—sworn enemies to the snowcats. But when Syv discovers the truth about the legend of the Eldking and his magical crown, he’ll have to learn the new meaning of honor and find another way to break the curse.  From Norwegian author Dina Norlund comes The Snowcat Prince, a beautifully illustrated tale of bravery and honor. 

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