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World Of Betty & Veronica Digest (ab 2018)
Band 22

Serie: World Of Betty & Veronica Digest (ab 2018)
Fomat: Digest
Zustand: Neu
Autor: Dan Parent / Bill Golliher
Verlag: Archie Comic Publications
Seiten: 192
Preis: 9,46 €
In den Warenkorb

THREE BRAND NEW STORIES! First, in "Be Your Valentine!" Veronica keeps getting valentines dropped into her locker from a secret admirer. They seem very romantic, and she's intrigued. Then when she hides out to sneak a look at her admirer, she notices it's someone she'd never expect! Who is it, and what does he really want?

Then, in "The Ultimate Test," superhero MR. JUSTICE touches down in Pembrooke. And he's tasked with something of supreme importance: being Cheryl Blossom's life coach! But will the job of making sure Cheryl Blossom treats others with kindness be the toughest mission Mr. Justice has ever been on?

Finally, Betty and Veronica stumble upon a super-battle between Steel Sterling and the Blue Bison, a hulking brute who possesses even greater strength than Steel. Noting that Archie is a big fan of Steel, the girls compete with each other to get an autograph during the super-battle, causing even more visual chaos. Will they get in Steel's way of victory?

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