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Children of the Black Sun (ab 2023)
Band 1

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Serie: Children of the Black Sun (ab 2023)
Zusatzinfo: Cover H 1:15 Incentive Cover by John Pearson
Fomat: Heft
Zustand: Neu
Autor: Dario Sicchio / Letizia Cadonici / Blank Cover,
Verlag: Ablaze
Seiten: 32
Preis: 8,42 €
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From the artist of the hit series The House of Slaughter!
"It is not difficult to be happy under a blue sky. But it takes a lot of courage to be strong even under a black sun."
Over the years, a black sun has risen twice. A dark dawn whose rays have done terrible things to people's minds, driving them to all sorts of horror. Twelve years have passed since the last time and the world still fears the return of that inexplicable phenomenon. But fear is not the only legacy of those terrible days. All the women who got pregnant under the influence of the black sun have given birth to babies with some... peculiarities. White hair, ashy skin, abnormal proportions, and eyes as red as fire: the Children of the Black Sun.
Brightvale is a small town like many others. Here the Children of the Black Sun are treated with particularcontempt, especially in the days leading up to the anniversary of the two disasters. The hatred of their fellow villagers, terrified of a possible return of that horror, will push these kids to unite and embark on a hallucinatory journey to discover themselves and their true nature. But is the black sun really about to return?

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